Located in the Dattatraya Square of Bhaktapur city, Peacock Handicraft is one of the best handicraft store with varieties of handicrafts which are mostly representing the art and culture of Nepal. Products here are mostly light weight and inexpensive and easy hand carrying. You can find a wide range of handicrafts made by the locals living in the surrounding. All the products are handmade using wood, resin, pottery, etc. Our products are best for gifts and home and office decorations. Please ensure the best use of our products through table and wall decorations. 

Our Products:

  1. Wooden windows 
  2. Picture and certificate frames
  3. Masks: Paper and clay, wooden, resin
  4. Prayer wheels
  5. Statues
  6. Keyrings
  7. Tea coasters
  8. Money bank
  9. Clocks,
  10. Nepali Dolls and puppets, etc. 

Our Specialties:

  1. Handmade products
  2. Made by Local people
  3. Reflects art and culture of Nepal
  4. Monuments turned into replica for promotion of Nepal
  5. Small and easy hand carry sizes for easy transportation
  6. Best for gifts and home and office decorations

Featured Products