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VDR for Investors

Investors need access to a VDR to look over intellectual property and documentation of the company in relation to due diligence. It is vital that companies ensure that their VDR is up-to-date and that any changes are immediately sent to all contributors.

This ensures that everyone have access to the most current version of the file and can finish their due diligence quickly and effectively. This helps avoid confusion or miscommunication. Additionally, sensitive documents are blocked from view by default. This includes pricing and customer contracts. The administrator can monitor the user activity within the VDR to see the types of documents being viewed and for how long. This gives a good indication of whether the document is shared properly.

In the past companies would store their most important documents inside an area that was only accessible by authorised personnel. This was referred to as a “document vault’ and was a very valuable asset for companies. The advent of the digital age has allowed businesses to store documents in a more accessible and efficient manner, which has increased their value to businesses.

With the VDR information, investor communications and fundraising can be handled in one place making it easier to raise capital faster. time. Digify is the most popular virtual data room provider in the UK is ISO27001 certified, and offers various features that support each stage of the investment process.

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