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Strategy for Ensured Success of Merger and Acquisition Deals

In the financial press, stories about mergers and acquisitions between SMEs and large corporations are published each day. While increasing revenue or getting exposure to a brand new client base are often the main reasons for companies to enter into M&A, it is important to develop a thorough strategy to ensure success.
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A successful M&A is a difficult procedure, and the final outcome is contingent on a variety of aspects that both parties must take into consideration. It is essential to have a highly-qualified management team in place to ensure that your company is able to successfully navigate the M&A process and gain value. Employing trusted external consultants and accountants to assist with this process will enhance the overall credibility of your M&A strategy.

The first step in the process is to perform a thorough financial health check on your company. This involves analyzing the profit and loss statements as well as cash flow, as well as analyzing equity and debt of the company, and determining if you have enough cash flow to pursue a M&A transaction. The financial health check will also reveal any discrepancies between your Management Accounts and Statutory filed accounts, which could cause confusion for buyers.

Another important aspect is to consider the cost of integrating both businesses. This could be in the form of physical costs such as merging systems, offices and employees. Or it could be in terms of human capital expenses, for instance taking into account the cost of compensation and benefit programs. By involving experts in human capital early in the process, you can precisely assess the costs and include them in your purchase price negotiations.

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