Five Storey Temple 6×4 Inch Nyatapole Temple Bhaktapur Antique Color (Peacock Handicraft Bhaktapur)


  • Name: Nyatapole Temple, Bhaktapur
  • Material: Resin
  • Size: 6×4 inch approx.
  • Color: Antique color as shown in the picture
  • Made in Nepal


The Nyatapole Temple in Bhaktapur is a unique and culturally significant structure, known for its distinctive architecture and historical importance. The temple is crafted from resin, a durable material that allows for intricate detailing and precision. Standing at a size of approximately 6×4 inches, the miniature replica captures the essence of the original Nyatapole Temple.

The color of the replica is described as antique, resembling the weathered and aged appearance seen in the picture. This choice of color adds a sense of authenticity and tradition to the miniature model. The temple, crafted with care and precision, serves as a beautiful representation of Nepalese artistry and architectural heritage.

Notably, the miniature Nyatapole Temple is proudly labeled as “Made in Nepal,” emphasizing its cultural origin and contributing to the promotion of local craftsmanship. This detail adds a sense of authenticity and pride to the replica, as it is a testament to the rich cultural and artistic traditions of Nepal.