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How to Have a Great Board Meeting

A well-organized board meeting is an essential part of the puzzle that will determine the success of your business. Many companies fall for the trap of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” thinking when they hold their board meetings. This can result in ineffective, stale meetings that do not produce outcomes for the company. This article will provide strategies to ensure a successful, engaging, and effective board meeting that will make your business more successful.

Set the tone for the beginning and at the end of your board meeting. A solid opening and a powerful closing can set the tone of your meeting, fostering unity among the board members. Additionally having the board meet at a different location (a venue for meetings or a restaurant, for instance) will instantly stimulate discussions.

Limit the number key issues that can be discussed at the same time. This keeps the meeting focused on the most important to the business.

Use the polling or survey apps to determine the level of productivity in your meeting. You will be able to see who is taking too much time and who is not speaking enough. You can alter the conversation if you recognize who is speaking too much.

Allow for discussion of items that aren’t scheduled for discussion, but be sure to follow-up. This will enable your board members to be involved and also ensure that the main issues of the meeting don’t get diluted by unnecessary tangents.

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