Wooden Chess Board Game Big 14 Inch Normal


  • Material: Wooden
  • Both players and board are wooden
  • Size: 14×14 inches approx.
  • Player size: King: 7 cm, queen: 6 cm and police: 3 cm approx.
  • Folding design
  • Can keep the players inside
  • No extra players available (goti)


This beautifully crafted wooden chess set offers a classic and timeless gaming experience. The board, measuring approximately 14×14 inches, along with the meticulously carved wooden players, brings an elegant touch to the game. The player pieces, with a king at 7 cm, queen at 6 cm, and pawns at 3 cm approximately, showcase attention to detail. The folding design of the board adds practicality, allowing for easy storage with the ability to keep the player pieces securely inside. This chess set, with its minimalist yet sophisticated design, is complete with no extra pieces (goti) available, offering a focused and streamlined gaming experience for enthusiasts.