Swet Bhairab Nava (Nawa) Durga Bhaktapur 9×8 Inch Paper Mask


  • Name: Swet Bhairab Nawadurga Dance, Bhaktapur
  • Material: Meticulously handcrafted on Nepali paper
  • Size: 9×8 inches
  • Color: Mirrors the original mask’s vibrant and colorful allure
  • Purpose: Designed as a token of love for Nepal
  • Versatility: Seamlessly transitions between a thoughtful gift and an eye-catching decor item
  • Essence: Embodies the rich artistry and cultural essence of Nepal
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Introducing the Swet Bhairab Nawadurga Dance from Bhaktapur, a meticulously handcrafted piece on Nepali paper. This vibrant creation, measuring 9×8 inches, mirrors the original mask’s colorful allure. Its purposeful design serves as a token of love for Nepal. Versatile in nature, it seamlessly transitions between being a thoughtful gift and an eye-catching decor item, embodying the essence of Nepalese artistry and culture.