Lakhe Or Lakhey Face Mask Clay Mask 11 Inches


  • Material: Clay and paper
  • Size: 11 Inches approx.
  • Color: Reddish Colorful
  • Wall hanging type
  • Can wear it.
  • Made in Nepal
  • For gifts and decor


The Lakhe mask is a special piece of art that comes from Nepal. It’s made using clay and paper, which are molded together to create a unique and colorful mask. About 11 inches in size, these masks are pretty big and catch the eye with their reddish and vibrant colors. They’re not just for looking at, though; you can hang them on the wall as decoration or even wear them!

Crafted with care by skilled Nepali artisans, each mask tells a story of tradition and culture. They’re a great choice for gifts because they’re not only beautiful but also carry a piece of Nepali heritage with them. Whether you want to add a touch of Nepal to your home decor or surprise someone with a special present, the Lakhe mask is a wonderful choice.

These masks bring a piece of Nepal’s rich culture into your life. Whether you’re displaying them at home or wearing them for a special occasion, they’re sure to catch everyone’s attention and spark conversations. Plus, knowing that they’re handmade in Nepal adds an extra layer of authenticity and meaning. So, if you’re looking for a unique and colorful decoration or a meaningful gift, consider the Lakhe mask—it’s a little piece of Nepal you can cherish forever.