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What is a Board Portal?

Board portals offer a secure way to communicate and collaborate with other directors. They can be accessed via tablets, computers and mobile devices. They are a part of modern governance in a variety of ways, and are in line with best practices.

When choosing software for board meetings, look for a company with a high rating and favorable reviews on independent software review sites. Contact the provider of the board portal for information about their security measures. These include certified physical facilities, sophisticated disaster recovery systems, and customer-managed encrypted. Some companies go even further and ask their customers for feedback and to help with feature enhancements.

In addition to making the preparation for meetings easier, board portals enable boards to work between meetings. Action items can be added as an item to the agenda, and then followed by the due date. Documents can be accessed, annotated, and synced to calendars of members.

Board portals can be particularly beneficial for coops, nonprofits and other organizations with limited funds. These portals allow these organizations to spend as much of their time and energy on serving their customers as possible. A portal for boards can be an effective tool for enhancing communication and collaboration in these kinds of organizations.

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