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The Best Antivirus Apps For Android

The majority of antivirus programs work on one of two principles: they scan files as they enter the system to identify their signatures or they look through applications running and detect suspicious behavior. Some also offer additional security features, such as blocking messages from spammers, or warning of suspicious websites. The best Android antivirus apps don’t bog down the phone’s performance by unnecessary scanning or battery drain.

As the most well-known mobile operating system, the majority of malware is targeted by Android devices. It is therefore important to use the best antivirus software available on Android. This can clean out Trojans and viruses as well as infected SD Cards. Fortunately, there’s a great choice of completely free and paid premium options that don’t impact on the performance or battery life of your device.

Norton is a name you’ll probably recognize as a reliable security firm and its flagship Mac antivirus software is a well-known option. It has received top marks from independent test labs for its antimalware capabilities and can be used to conduct a variety of different checks on your system, ranging from looking for hijacked browser scripts through to the detection of ransomware.

Avira’s Android antivirus app is an excellent example of a free choice, that is supported by ads, but it is available as a yearly subscription to remove the ads. It scored an excellent score in AV Test’s tests, a 99.9 percent score from AV Comparatives and a variety of other features. These include a ‘Permissions Manager which evaluates every app’s permission requirements based on a scale to assist you in making informed choices about what you trust with your privacy as well as identity protection and a raft of anti-theft options.

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