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G DATA Antivirus Review

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Data antivirus is a program that detects and eliminates malicious software – also known as malware – from your laptops or computers. This malware is designed to harm your device or steal your data. The malware can be downloaded onto your computer via an email attachment or USB drive or a shady website.

Malware typically hides within files that your antivirus software recognises as malicious, and the majority of anti-virus programs use three different detection methods to find it: specific detection, looking for virus signatures (unique sequences of bytes that identify the malware) and generic detection, scanning for parts of malicious codes found in other viruses and heuristic detection, which analyzes suspicious file structures. Some of the top antivirus software combines these methods to protect against the widest range of threats.

G DATA combines all of these features, along with other ones like parental control, which limits the use of internet by children and banking security that blocks hackers from accessing the details of your bank account or online purchases cloud backup, which stores encrypted files on servers and not on the device; and iOS protection, which scans apps for harmful content. The firewall is also in place which monitors data incoming and outgoing data. A phishing blocker prevents criminals from gaining access to information through websites controlled by them.

G DATA’s protection rating in real-world settings is high, which means it’s unlikely that normal files will be mistaken for harmful ones. It also has a minimal impact on the performance of the device and won’t drain the resources of your computer. The cost ranges from $39 per year for one device up to $72 for five devices.

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